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Never Married Women Admitted before 1900

Between 1856, when the Home first opened, until the end of the year 1899, 104 women were admitted to the Home. Most were widows, but 46 (44%) were women who never married. This was well above the usual percentage as never married women over age 45 was less than eight percent (8%) of the population in the 19th century.

Here are the never married women who were admitted between 1856 and 1873. I'll add more as time permits.

Never married residents: parentage identified (sorted by year of admission)

  • Ruth Jordan, born 24 Jun 1791 in Cape Elizabeth, daughter of Tristram and Hannah (Lasell) Jordan. Ruth was a member of Free Street Baptist Church. She was admitted 12 Aug 1856 and died 23 Feb 1867.
  • Serena/Cyrene Libby, born 27 Mar 1809 in Scarborough, daughter of Capt. Sewall and Sarah (Libby) Libby. Serena was blind and frail so an exception was made to admit her at an age younger than the minimum. She was admitted 12 Aug 1856 and died 12 Jul 1859.
  • Lavinia Mayberry was born 11 May 1780 in Windham, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Worster) Mayberry. Lavinia (sometimes listed as Lovina) was admitted 16 Aug 1861 and died 17 Jun 1862.
  • Nancy Butman or Bootman was born 5 Mar 1788 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Harrenden) Bootman. She was admitted in June 1862 and died 2 Sep 1864.
  • Sarah "Sally" T Cushing was born about 1791 in Portland, daughter of Loring and Lydia (Horton) Cushing. Before her admission to the Home on 3 Jul 1872 Sarah supported herself as a dress maker. She died 30 Jan 1874.
  • Amelia Cutter was born 16 Dec 1801 in North Yarmouth, daughter of Charles and Dorcas (Thompson) Cutter. She was a member of the Plymouth Congregational Church. Amelia was admitted in August 1872 and died 17 Sep 1881.
  • Martha Douglas Fernald was born in Pownal 13 Aug 1797, daughter of Joshua and Mary (Gooding) Fernald. Prior to her admission she had supported herself as a nurse and by sewing and quilting, A member of First Baptist Church, Martha was admitted 7 Feb 1873 and died 10 Jul 1876.
  • Sarah "Sally" Hoole was born about 1794 in North Yarmouth, daughter of Capt. William dna Hannah (Hatch) Hoole. A member of Second Parish (Congregational) Church, Sarah was admitted 15 May 1873 and died 12 Mar 1880.

Never married residents: parentage not yet identified
  • Catharine Simmons, born about 1778 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. An exception was made to the rule of only admitted women born in the United States because of her many years living in Portland. She was admitted in December 1858 and died 19 Sep 1869.
  • Betsey Holland was born about 1777 in Boston, Massachusetts. She lived in Portland for 40 years and was a member of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. Betsey was admitted to the Home 21 May 1866. She died 27 Aug 1871.
  • Hannah J Johnson was born about 1793 in Portland. Hannah had a niece, Mrs. Dyer. She worked many years as a nurse in Portland before her admission to the Home in Sep 1872. She died 13 Sep 1881.
  • Abigail Robinson, born about 1798 in Augusta. Abigail was a long-time resident of Portland and a member of Second Parish (Congregational) Church when she was admitted to the home 12 Nov 1873. She died 1 Jun 1876 and is buried in the Robinson lot in Evergreen Cemetery. Locating her gravestone or grave record might help identify her.

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