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Mrs. Esther Ingalls - partially Identified

Mrs. Esther Ingalls was born about 1792. She was admitted to the Home for Aged Women in August 1856, but did not stay long at the Home as she was dismissed in November. Home records stated: "after three month stay at the home it was not deemed desirable by the managers that she should continue a member of the family, as she would not conform in any way to the rules of the institution." Her death is not recorded in Portland. The Esther Ingalls who died in Portland 23 Jun 1879, was born in Bridgton 3 Jan 1794, the daughter of Isaiah Ingalls by his second wife, Phebe Curtis. That Esther never married.

Isaiah Ingalls mentioned about was the son of Francis and Elizabeth (Stevens) Ingalls. Another son of Francis was Nathan Ingalls who was born 12 Jun 1755 in Andover, Massachusetts and died 8 Jan 1835 in Bridgton. Nathan married Lydia Griffin 15 Apr 1778 in Andover. Lydia was born 26 Mar 1751 and died 28 Dec 1843. Nathan and Lydia had twelve children born in Wilmington and Andover, MA and in Bridgton. The second child (and second son) was Nehemiah who was born 17 Sep 1780 in Wilmington (recorded in Bridgton) and died 9 Feb 1819.

Nehemiah Ingalls married Esther whose maiden name may have been Conant, but neither her birth record nor their marriage record has been located. They lived in Westbrook where their four children were born:

  • William Ingalls, born about 1807
  • Lucy Ann Ingalls, born about 1809, married Allen Williams 28 May 1828 in Portland
  • Henry Ingalls, born about 1811
  • Charles Ingalls, born about 1813

Nehemiah was enumerated in the 1810 census in Portland, with one male under 10 (William), one female under 10 (Lucy Ann), one male 26-44 (Nehemiah) and one female 16-25 (Esther). In 1820 widow Esther Ingalls was enumerated in Westbrook with two males under 10 (Henry and Charles), one male 10-15 (William), one female 10-15 (Lucy Ann) and one female 26-45 (Esther).

This family was not found in any subsequent census records.

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